To remain competitive in todays environment, you must become more efficient.

The Turbett surgical container allows your staff to do their job more effectively, increasing individual productivity.

Our original goal was to address surgeon dissatisfaction with turnover time. We have demonstrated delivering a total joint set up -11 trays- in under two minutes, with just one person. Compare that to a traditional 15 minute,2 person set up.

This lets you retain your surgeons, and allows them to add an additional procedure each day for rooms utilizing The Turbett Surgical container system.

With patient satisfaction scores affecting reimbursement, we improve your ability to start surgeries on time.

Since we eliminate 60% of the lifting steps, employee safety, satisfaction and retention rates may be improved.

Unlike every other container, we do not utilize a reusable gasket that wears out over time. Our gasket is built in to each single use filter cartridge. This gives every patient assurance that their instrument sterility is maintained, and reduces your maintenance costs.

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